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Glyndon United Methodist Church

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Worship Schedule

Regular Schedule (September-May)

Informal Worship 8:45AM
Traditional Worship 9:30 & 11:00AM
Sunday School 9:30

Summer Schedule (June-August)

Informal Worship 8:45AM
Traditional Worship 10:00AM

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August 2014

Sun. August 3rd 10:00AM
Sun. August 10th 10:00AM
Sun. August 17th 10:00AM

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The church building is located at:

4713 Butler Road
Glyndon, MD 21071

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P.O. Box 84
Glyndon, MD 21071

From the Pastor

Grace and Peace to you in Jesus' name! In the last newsletter, I began to explore the idea of change. Even as we begin our time of summer worship at 10am, we see change. As we gather together in one service, we have an opportunity to meet new friends and greet long time members. We share in song and prayer and scripture, together. We hear stories of mission near and far. And while we gather, we continue to ask how God will use us to invite others to hear the story, the songs, the prayers. Perhaps many of us look at summer as a time of Sabbath – a time of rest and renewal that brings the body and soul into a place of wholeness. Observing Sabbath is a good thing. It helps us to reflect on the ways that God calls us to be in ministry in this time and place. Sabbath restores our soul to a place of listening for God’s direction as we consider new ways of being in ministry to our existing community of faith and to newcomers exploring a new found faith. How can we engage those in our community without a home church? While summer often means a change in routine, the leadership of the church continues to care for worship, stewardship, building maintenance, and membership care related to the life of the church. Our unsung heroes attend to many church related issues without fanfare or expectation – but please know that we thank you for all of the things that you do. We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider ways of being a part of the ministry of the church, to consider a new way of serving God through your church. At the end of the summer season, we will begin the process of evaluating our committees and preparing to invite you to share in the ministry… we would love to have some new ideas to share! Perhaps the concept of wholeness through Sabbath is an ideal way of looking at transition. Perhaps these next weeks of warmer weather and relaxed schedules will allow you a deeper time of prayer and meditation to consider our changing ministry needs. Perhaps you will have an opportunity to examine your own commitments, ways of serving or giving . A recent sermon suggested that we think about our favorite things – about church. Let’s think about the things we do best…and use that as a springboard for living out our mission – to love, pray and serve. May summer provide the rest and renewal you need to restore your soul and give you peace. Blessings, Pastor Jeannie